Muscle Blaze Creatine HMB Powder with myHMB, for Strength, Power & Endurance, Muscle Protein Synthesis (Unflavoured, 125 gm / 0.27 lb, 26 Servings)

MuscleBlaze Creatine HMB: Get the edge with Creatine HMB- Powered by MyHMB!

MuscleBlaze introduces a power-packed high-strength formula crafted to boost strength, endurance, and performance. It’s not your ordinary creatine supplement but an advanced creatine formula that is packed with the power of HMB. Multiple studies have shown that creatine and HMB together deliver stupendous results and the effects may be greater than taking them in an isolated way.

MuscleBlaze Creatine HMB helps in boosting muscle recovery and lean muscle mass gain. The combination of creatine and HMB helps in improving strength and endurance and decreases fat mass. This combination is also good for reducing muscle catabolism as HMB is anti-catabolic.

3g Creatine

Each serving of MuscleBlaze Creatine HMB fuels you with 3g creatine that helps you to gain muscle, enhance strength, and improve exercise performance. It helps in augmenting muscle size and helps your muscles generate energy during heavy-duty exercises and lifting.

1.5g HMB

This creatine HMB supplement offers 1.5g HMB, β-hydroxy β-methyl butyrate, an active metabolite of leucine in each serving. HMB helps in boosting protein synthesis and reducing protein breakdown. It has a combined anti-catabolic and anabolic impact that helps in building lean muscle mass along with better muscle and strength. It also boosts power and reduces muscle breakdown post intense workouts. It enhances protein synthesis through multiple mechanisms including the mTOR pathway.

More Potent Than Leucine

HMB being an active metabolite of Leucine is more potent than Leucine which implies Leucine is further broken down in HMB. Only 5% of dietary Leucine gets converted to HMB, which means you’ll have to consume 30g of Leucine or around 300g of protein to get 1.5g of HMB, which is not very convenient. With Creatine HMB supplementation, you can avail all benefits of HMB directly.

Powered by MyHMB

This MuscleBlaze Creatine HMB powder contains a branded HMB called MyHMB. MyHMB has been widely studied for its efficacy & safety. There are around 50 human studies, 40 review articles, and 4 meta-analyses that support it. With a premium ingredient like MyHMB, MuscleBlaze Creatine HMB comes with a trust of premium quality for your bodybuilding goals.

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Benefits of Creatine HMB

MuscleBlaze Creatine HMB helps in enhancing lean muscle gain and improves your performance at the gym. HMB has an anti-catabolic and anabolic impact that helps in developing lean muscles along with better strength and muscle gains. It helps in reducing muscle breakdown after intense training. HMB present in the product helps in improving protein synthesis through upregulation of anabolic signaling pathways and minimizing proteolysis through downregulation of catabolism, as it has anti-catabolic properties. The blend of HMB and creatine works wonders in improving strength, recovery, and boosting endurance in bodybuilders and athletes.

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